Helping a Furry Friend made Easy

20% of every purchase is directly donated to the Bali animal welfare association BAWA

Our Mission

The mission of WOVENTAILS is to make helping a furry friend easy! That’s why we donate 20% of every purchase directly to the Bali animal welfare association BAWA, who help dogs and other animals in need.

All of our products :

  • Are made out of beautiful ikat fabric, handwoven in Bali by many talented women and men
  • Are sweatshop-free and ethically handmade with love in a small tailor shop in Ubud, Bali
  • Support our Balinese furry friends

You can read more about Bawa at

New Products

  • Lucu Bandana

  • Lucu Leash

  • Lucu Leash Bag

  • Melati Bandana

  • Melati Leash

  • Melati Leash Bag


Our Story

WOVENTAILS was born out of our love for dogs, Bali and the highly skilled craftsmanship on the island. As an animal-loving couple living part-time on this beautiful island, it broke our hearts to see how some of the less fortunate animals were suffering and we felt the strong urge to help our furry friends. Coming from a background in crafts and arts we were fascinated by the Balinese ikat weavers and we decided to use this locally crafted fabric for our dog accessories.

The main goal of WOVENTAILS is to create unique products for our furry customers (and of course their humans) that best reflect the rich and colourful Balinese culture, to involve local people in the production process and to help Balinese animals in need.

Tropical vibes

Dog accessories made in paradise! Discover our gorgeous and colorful collection featuring Balinese handwoven ikat fabric.

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